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            LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL, spread over 241 countries having 1.3 million members in over 45000 clubs, was founded by our great Lion Melvin Jones in 1917 in United States.  His intellectual thought of uniting  the influential men of our society and using their strength and ability to the weaker areas of community life has  found success,
that spreads lionism all over  the world placing  it into the first position.
                  Our Club ‘LIONS CLUB OF IRITTY HIGH RANGE’ was originated from a group of high desirable youths under the guidance of Ln.V G. Sunil , Charter President during the month of December, 2013.  It was an outstanding desire and willingness of this group joining in lionisam  to serve the community along with their family and to unite in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding. Their dream came  to success on 31st December 2013, when the club “Lions Club Of Iritty High Range” is installed and sponsored by mother Club “Lions Club Of Iritty” under the Presidential ship of Ln.Justin KG,MJF and then  District Governor Ln. Sujithra Sudeer,MJF.  This Club, with its 23 members installed under the auth given  by then District Governor Ln. Sujithra Sudeer MJF on 31st December, 2013.  Since then it has been functioning in the ares of service to humanity join in hands with similar clubs of District 318E under the guidance of LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL.
                  The lionistic year 2017-2018 of this club was led by then President Ln. Renju Joseph, Secretary Ln. Francis TT and Treasurer Ln. Subi Vedagiri. And 2018-19 of this club was led by President Ln.Renju Joseph, Secretary ln.Sunny George, Treasurer Ln. Francis TT.